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Timo Värpiö, MJD Diswashing Expert phone +358 40 541 7558
Aleksanterinkatu 26 A 6, 33100 TAMPERE

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DISWASHING EXPERT - dishwashing solutions for over 30 years.

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Along the way, I have become familiar with larger and smaller dishwashing departments. When designing and implementing a new or reorganized dishwashing system there are many factors to be taken into account, e.g. the required washing capacity, available facilities and the cost calculations.

My experience and professional skills are available to you.

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  • Dishwashing renewal planning for organizations
  • Dimension calculations for new wash stand
  • Management of bioengineering solutions, biowaste cost calculations
  • Different layout solutions
  • Purchase decisions relating to evaluations and comparisons
  • Dishwashing education and training courses
  • Additional capacity for planning

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Expert´s business objectives
Expert´s experience can be achieved

  • My goal is to provide my client a deeper knowledge in dishwashing
  • Helps dishwashing improvement projects
  • To bring forward the latest in the field of bio-waste and dishwashing solutions
  • Clarifies the product options in the field through technical knowledge
  • Support in the objective assessment of equipment suppliers marketing materials
  • To facilitate the listing requirements of the quality and benefits of the evaluation

  • Entity management. Dishwashing department is a big complex and extensive task separately purchase
  • The use of deeper knowledge of e.g. the product’s technical solutions and the benefits for an objective assessment
  • Project development experience and capacity for innovation
  • Experience in tender reference points for the calculation of the acquisition enactment (2007) from the beginning
  • Design experience from 50-8000 meal manufacturing kitchens for dishwashing
  • Information of the research in the field with Work Efficiency institute (TTS), Motiva and Caddet energy saving organizations


Dishwashing Renewal
Calls for tenders
Other services

  • Present situation reports of dishwashing
  • Operating cost measurements
  • Investment’s profitability calculations
  • Consulting and rearrangements in dishwashing
  • Dimensioning, calculation of the amount of wash load
  • Dishwashing lead-time calculation, alternative solutions
  • Dishwashing machine options
  • The conveyor tracks, tray lifts, robots, control automation solutions
  • Operating costs calculations when using the different options
  • Staffing needs evaluation
  • Monitoring and equipment inspections prior to acceptance

  • The objective of in relation to needs the best solution at the lowest price
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Additional features of the benefit / cost evaluation
  • Descriptions of operations, operating in the washroom
  • The device descriptions and absolute requirements
  • Acquiree criteria

Dishwashing machine comparisons
• DIN capacity comparisons
• Automation Development
• Operating cost measurements
• Evaluations of the machines special features
Dishwashing trainings
• Issues affecting cleaning performance
• Effective use of washing machines
• How to fill the dishes holder or baskets correctly
Detergent comparisons
Neutral consulting of washing performance problems